StoneCreek Partners’ Charrettes and Go-Aways

StoneCreek Partners (“SCP”) has been working with urban planners and architects in various world regions, in support of conceptual design and initial feasibility matters.   In these settings, SCP sometimes leads such efforts but is also active as a workshop participant.   In the same way, SCP is also taking on the role of facilitator at board retreats and management “go-aways,” helping management and director teams evaluate capital decisions, business plans, and new product development.

Often led by SCP’s Donald Bredberg, StoneCreek adds a hands-on realism to planning along with a flair for innovation and creative solutions.   Don Bredberg brings a diverse experience to these session, having represented major Saudi and Japanese investors, led specific place product development at Universal Studios, and acted as a strategic and land use planner for many of the largest master-planned communities built to-date.

Over the last several years, SCP charrette sessions have taken place in the U.S., China, France, and Nigeria.

SCP is also able to pull in competitive research about players, places, and projects in global regions, through ongoing research efforts at Global Players Brief (