Hollywood Community Redevelopment Plan

Research, economic base analysis, local economic development considerations, and consultation in connection with the prospective repositioning and redevelopment of a Hollywood revitalization plan.

An interesting conclusion of the work effort was the determination that while runaway productions and relocation of most of the major U.S. film production studios to the San Fernando Valley, the Hollywood community was still home to many of the craftsmen, technical designers, equipment rental, post production, and other film industry service businesses.

The perception that Hollywood had evolved to simply being a notion, and a bit of history, was belied by the fact that “working Hollywood” was very much – alive and well.

Originally an area of Rancho La Brea subdivided and named by the wife of H.H. Wilcox – as “Hollywood.” Wealthy Midwesterners flocked to the area looking to build homes so they could “winter in California.” In 1911, the Nestor Company opened Hollywood’s first film studio on the corner of Sunset and Gower. Cecil B. DeMille and D. W. Griffith followed and began making movies drawn by the area’s open space and moderate climate.

Locations:   Hollywood (Los Angeles), California USA
Client(s):     Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles, California