Australia’s Chinese Theme Park Seeks Re-Zoning

[  Warnervale Town, Wyong Shire, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA  ]

The proposal for Chappypie China theme park in Warnervale has been sent back to the developer for additional work.  The New South Wales Department of Planning has noted some areas in the proposal requiring re-consideration, further detail, and clarification.


From prior posts in Global Players Brief:

Updated December 16, 2014 – Australia Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd, has formally asked Wyong Council to rezone the land in Sparks Road to allow the development — to be named Chappypie China Time — to proceed.   Council voted 5 to 4 at its meeting last week to send the rezoning proposal to the NSW Government.

Promoters have revealed plans for the proposed Forbidden City Theme Park, now named as “Chappypie China Time” project in Warnervale Town, Australia.  The town, situated in the Wyong Shire area of New South Wales is located about 50 miles north of Sydney (Australia).

A site for the project was identified and acquired in early December 2012.

The attraction is envisioned to include themes like Meridian Gate, Panda Paradise, Spring Festival Square, Thanksgiving Temple, Arts and crafts workshops, and Zheng He’s Treasure Ship.    Visitors will be able to engage in spaces that explore calligraphy, traditional theater and music, gardens and a panorama of Chinese history.   In first announcements regarding the project, promoters mentioned that the theme park would include a full-size replica of Beijing’s Forbidden City.

A development application for the project’s first phase has not yet been submitted.

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