Cinecittà Studios Debuts Cinecitta World Theme Park

[  Rome, ITALY  ]

A new amusement park outside Rome celebrates the world of cinema, taking visitors back to the golden age of Italian film production when the Rome-based Cinecitta Studios — still in operation — were known as “Hollywood on the Tiber.”


Back in 2012:

Owners of Cinecittà Studios have plans for redeveloping parts of the historic film studio facility.   A modernization plan has been outlined  that would increase the use of sub-contractors at the studio, would reorganize the studios, and would provide for a hotel to accommodate visiting crews which the studio owner has indicated is needed to restore Cinecitta as an international hub of the film industry.

ITALY-cinecittaThe plans have met with resistance from long-time employees of the studios, who fear even limited redevelopment threatens the way they will work in the future.

Cinecittà is a large 99-acre film production studio in Rome, Italy, a place that has long served as center of the Italian film industry.    According to the studio’s website, Cinecittà is  the largest film studio in Europe, with 22 soundstages, two permanent tents,   300 dressing rooms and offices, 21 makeup areas and a 7,000 square meter outdoor tank.

Cinecitta was founded in 1937 by Benita Mussolini and his head of cinema Luigi Freddi for propaganda purposes.   After a period of near-bankruptcy in the 1980’s, Cinecittà was privatized by the Italian government.

Website:    Cinecittà Studios