About | Conner Prairie

[  Fishers, Indiana  USA  ]

Conner Prairie is an interactive history park, sometimes referred to as a living history museum or attraction.     The facility recreates part of life in Indiana in the 19th century, using the preserved William Conner residence.

Conner Prairie was founded by pharmaceutical executive Eli Lilly in the 1930’s.  In 1974, Lilly transferred the William Conner house and outbuildings to a public charitable trust of which Earlham College (Richmond, Indiana) was named as trustee.

Lilly also transferred about 1,400 acres of adjacent farmland to the college assuming that Earlham would sell that land to provide an endowment for the museum.  Instead, the college elected to retain the farmland and expand the museum, constructing an 1836 village, Prairietown, using funds that Lilly provided for this purpose.