Community Redevelopment Consultants | StoneCreek Partners

StoneCreek Partners has worked in support of a wide variety of redevelopment projects, whether in the capacity of redevelopment consultants to the public sector entities involved, or as an owner’s representative and/or consultant to involved private sector entities.

StoneCreek’s services to public sector entities includes economic development and community redevelopment program consulting support.

As redevelopment consultants, we are well-versed in the disciplines and analytical tools required for public sector engagements. We also bring the practical realism gained through years of engagements as redevelopment consultants, and through our experience as executives and owner’s reps to actual transactions.

 Redevelopment Consultants for Project Feasibility Analysis

StoneCreek Partners has extensive experience as redevelopment consultants in connection with projects, historic districts and streets, and neighborhoods, focusing on aspects of feasibility that drives project solvency.

We assist our public-sector clients in preparing market studies to understand the drivers of supply and demand for uses proposed or under consideration. Market analysis provides clients with a basis for master planning and project phasing, and is useful in the developer selection process where RFP’s are involved. As redevelopment consultants, we have had experience with virtually all property types including office, industrial, hotel, retail / entertainment, sport facilities, convention / conference facilities, and residential uses.

As part of any feasibility evaluation, financial analysis and projections play a primary role. As consultants to redevelopment projects and districts, we create financial models that have the flexibility to respond to a variety of assumptions and conditions, to evaluate changes in development plans, market and financial conditions. Financial analysis and the creation of proformas provide clients with a useful analytical tool for evaluating the potential for project success, negotiating agreements and analyzing proposals presented by developers.

Redevelopment Consultants for Local Economic Development

Local Economic Development (LED) offers local government, the private sector, select not-for-profit sectors and a specific local community the opportunity to work together to improve the local economy. It aims to enhance competitiveness and encourage opportunities for sustainable growth. Most local economic growth is generated by small and medium-sized businesses that are already established in the community. As redevelopment consultants Stonecreek LLC works at encouraging local business growth – which involves providing advice, support and resources to enable these existing local businesses to grow. These strategies are sometimes called business retention and expansion strategies. The range of initiatives to support local businesses is vast.

As redevelopment consultants, Stonecreek LLC provides an array of services to local economic development corporations and agencies that are both project and program oriented. We assist new and existing entities to evaluate their organization and management, create programs and develop comprehensive strategies that will make them effective organizations in their communities.

Deal Structuring and Negotiations Support

As redevelopment consultants, Stonecreek LLC works closely with public-sector clients to prepare and market RFP’s – , “Request for Proposals,” – to solicit interest from qualified third-party developers. We provide objective assistance in the evaluation and selection of the most capable and experienced developer while optimizing client’s objectives including financial returns.

We are available to assist our clients throughout the negotiation process with the selected developer. We have also worked for developers interested in submitting development proposals or local urban redevelopment projects and participation in community economic development programs, having a complete understanding of the process.