StoneCreek Partners’ Charrettes and Go-Aways

StoneCreek Partners (“SCP”) has been working with urban planners and architects in various world regions, in support of conceptual design and initial feasibility matters.   In these settings, SCP sometimes leads such efforts but is also active as a workshop participant.   In the same way, SCP is also taking on the role of facilitator at board retreats and management “go-aways,” helping management and director teams evaluate capital decisions, business plans, and new product development.

Often led by SCP’s Donald Bredberg, StoneCreek adds a hands-on realism to planning along with a flair for innovation and creative solutions.   Don Bredberg brings a diverse experience to these session, having represented major Saudi and Japanese investors, led specific place product development at Universal Studios, and acted as a strategic and land use planner for many of the largest master-planned communities built to-date.

Over the last several years, SCP charrette sessions have taken place in the U.S., China, France, and Nigeria.

SCP is also able to pull in competitive research about players, places, and projects in global regions, through ongoing research efforts at Global Players Brief (


StoneCreek Partners in Venture to Form Group Denali SCP

StoneCreek Partners has joined with industry veteran Baxter Slaton, to form Group Denali SCP (“Group Denali”) property services company to provide full-service due diligence support for real estate acquisitions and commercial loan underwriting, among other related services.


Some of Group Denali’s detail property support services will include property inspections, rent roll review and lease abstracting, common area budgeting, and project management of capital improvement programs.    As part of forming this venture, Group Denali will take over the practice area within StoneCreek Partners that has provided such services.


Baxter Slaton helms the new company as managing partner.  Slaton has been associated with StoneCreek Partners for more than five years, responsible for business development and project services in the U.S. and select global regions including Sub-Saharan Africa.    Some of his work for StoneCreek Partners will continue through Group Denali.  Prior to his association with StoneCreek Partners, Slaton was an executive  with Silverbird Properties (Nigeria) and before that a commercial finance broker active in Southern California.


Group Denali is majority-owned by Baxter Slaton, and will soon complete certification as a minority-owned enterprise (MBE).


AEC Completes its 2nd Full Year of Operation

Our spin-off of Adventure Entertainment Cos. (AEC) has worked out well. Placing our entertainment industry practice in a purpose-built entity has allowed AEC to focus solely on creative works, conceptual design, and first efforts towards development of our AEC-owned place products.


Our visualization work such as the studio attractions at Camp Page in Chuncheon (shown above), are first-rate and all the better with integrated SCP input for feasibility, business planning, and development input to the creative process.    AEC’s specialization in mixed-use film studios has allowed a specialized area of experience to emerge, through assignments in France, Spain, Nigeria, China, and the U.S., whether for to-be-built facilities, or re-purposed film studios needing new life.


Through AEC, our intention has been to go directly to 3d visualization during ideation, to help project teams fully consider experiential design options.


StoneCreek Partners in Support of Film Studio Creative Campuses

[  Los Angeles, California USA ]


Working in association with land and facility owners, StoneCreek Partners (SCP) has been involved in a number of film-studio anchored mixed-use facilities, both existing and under development.  With such matters, and acting as a real estate development consultant for such projects, SCP works in collaboration with creative affiliate Adventure Entertainment Cos. (AEC).


Locations include:


  • Adventure Studios Toulouse, France
  • CreativeCity Studios, Lagos-Lekki, Nigeria
  • Park City Film Studios, Utah
  • Old Tucson Studios, Arizona
  • Additional confidential locations


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Panorama Attraction Opened in 1793

The history of innovation in entertaining audiences, looks back to centuries of ideas and facilities.


Robert Barker, an English portrait painter, coined the word “panorama” in 1792 to describe his paintings shown on a cylindrical surface.   He was soon was exhibiting his unique paintings as an attraction in London, as “The Panorama.”


In 1793, Barker moved his panoramas to the first purpose-built panorama building in the world, in Leicester Square and by all reports, made a fortune.

SCP Ventures in Formation of Creative IDG

Toulouse, France |

StoneCreek Partners LLC and Explore Entertainment USA, have joint ventured in the formation of a new company, Creative International Development Group LLC (or “Creative IDG“).

Creative IDG will focus on the development of entertainment-anchored mixed-use projects and film studios in Europe.  First projects are under evaluation for France and Spain.

Explore Entertainment USA is itself a principal shareholder in Explore Entertainment SARL (France).