3-Day Notice to Pay Rent Or Quit – Sample

(Non Payment of Rent – Commercial)

To: Mr./Ms. ________________, doing business as _______________ and ALL OTHERS IN POSSESSION:

Address: _____________________________________________

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT WITHIN 3 DAYS after service of this Notice you are required to pay the landlord or authorized agent the delinquent monies now due and owing IN THE AMOUNT OF $ ___________.

[ provide detail here of amounts due ]

IN THE ALTERNATIVE, you are required to vacate and deliver possession of the premises to the undersigned WITHIN 3 DAYS of the service of this Notice.

If you fail to either pay the amount demanded in this Notice or to vacate and deliver possession of the premises WITHIN 3 DAYS after service of this Notice, then legal proceedings will be instituted against you to recover all monies owed, possession of the premises, and for the court to declare a forfeiture of your lease or rental agreement. These proceedings may result in a judgment against you for all monies owed, costs and necessary disbursements, attorney’s fees, and treble damages as allowed by law.

If you fail to pay the amount demanded by this Notice in a timely manner, then the landlord elects to declare forfeiture of the lease or rental agreement under which you hold possession of the premises.

The amount demanded herein shall be deemed “estimated” pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1161.1(a). The landlord hereby expressly reserves any and all rights to accept partial payments and to seek possession of the subject premises based on this Notice as per California Code of Civil Procedures Section 1161.1(b) et seq. In addition, the landlord’s acceptance of any partial payment due hereunder shall not constitute a waiver of any of the landlord’s rights or defenses, but shall serve as evidence of that payment only. Code of Civil Procedure Section 1161.1(c).

Pay to:   ______________________
Phone No.:   ___________________
Pay Here:  _____________________________________
Payment Days & Hours:   _____________________
Payment Method: Cashiers Check or Money Order Only

Date: January 11, 2012 By:   ________________________